The Holy Mundane: Energetic dogs and busy lives

My dog, Finnegan (photo by Jamie Osborne)

(Please see the Table of Contents for an introduction to this series)

Greetings, Church!

Welcome to another sunny day in Richmond.  Early this morning I took the dog for a run around the dyke and over a couple of bridges.  He loves running.  When he sees me change into running clothes he begins to look expectant and keep an eye on where I go.  If he sees me put on my shoes he starts to get a little excited.  But at this point he is still only hopeful.  He doesn’t come on every run, so he’s waiting to see what I do next.

If I pick up his leash then a tornado breaks loose for about 30 seconds.  He races around, jumps up and down, races around some more.  Eventually he comes to sit at my feet because he knows I won’t do anything until he’s sitting quietly at my feet.  Yet even though he is containing himself, he is a ball of pent up energy waiting to explode.

How many of us are also a bundle of pent up energy, at least in our thoughts? Sometimes it is caused by excitement, other times by angst or worry.  Either way, our minds race around and around, never pausing for more than a few seconds on a single thought, and our lives are full of busyness.

I know busyness, both in thoughts and in life.  God understands, but he also invites us to still and quiet waters.  Today, take five minutes to be by yourself – without screens, without books, without things to do, and follow your thoughts.  What is racing around in your mind?  Take a couple of deep breaths and turn your thoughts toward God.  Be present to him, or just say the name “Jesus” as an invitation to be together.  Who knows what will come out of those five minutes?


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