The Holy Mundane: “I’m sorry, but your prayer-password is incorrect”

“Evening Prayer” by Angu Walters

(Please see the Table of Contents for an introduction to this series)

Greetings, church!

I turned on my computer about an hour ago to begin composing this email to you.  As I opened my email program, warnings flashed here and there about a possible suspicious attempt to access my email account, and I was prompted to change my security settings.  I did, but of course, that led to having to change all the settings on my phone so that it could access my account, and it will mean changing the settings on every other device and computer that I use.

In the end, I am very glad that our access to God is nothing like this! Can you imagine bending your knee in prayer and then being prompted to give a password so that you can talk with God? And what if someone got your password and pretended to be you and received all the blessings that God had for you that day?  What if you lost your password and could no longer pray and speak directly to Him? What if the devil could hack into the system and steal your spiritual identity, or accounts got mixed up and God thought you were someone else?

The last hour has made me incredibly thankful for the gift of prayer!  You and I can turn our hearts and thoughts toward our Creator and the Lover of our souls, and commune with him in incredibly deep and rewarding ways. He always knows you, always loves you, always welcomes you.  He will never forget who you are, and never forsake you or your needs.  In fact, he wants your burdens, and he cares. Why would we not take advantage of this as much as possible??

I invite you to take a moment, even right now, and thank God for the gift of his presence and the gift of prayer.  It is truly the best thing in your life today and every day!


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