The Holy Mundane: If you follow every dream, you might get lost

artist unknown

(“Letters to My Church” devotional series.  More information in the Table of Contents.)

Hello Church!

I’m sitting in one of my favourite coffee shops, thinking of you, praying for you, and asking God to grant each one of us today a revelation of his great love for us.  Somehow, some way, God please break into our busy days and pierce us with your gracious presence.

As I sit and type, a song by Neil Young has come up on my playlist, and it contains the very potent line:

“If you follow every dream, you might get lost.”

Read that again and let it sink in for a moment…

What dream are you following or chasing right now?  The most important question: Is it God’s dream for you?  Do we even know his dream for us?  Generically speaking, it is the same for all – wholeness and holiness in Him.  But each one of us is unique, and God has a unique dream for every one of his children, including you, that will provide you with a complete sense of fulfillment.  It is our pleasure (and it brings him pleasure) to discover what this dream is.  If you and I are going to invest our lives and time in following a dream, let us make sure it is the right one that leads to the right place.

“If you follow every dream you might get lost.” – Neil Young, The Painter


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