The Room

My mind descends into my heart
and there I meet God.

I walk into the room of my heart
and it is completely bare
except for a wooden chair
in the middle of the floor.

God is in the chair, and
when he sees me walk in,
he stands up and greets me
with a big smile on his face.

He puts his arm around me,
holds me close,
and gives me a tour
of this stark room.

He points to a large stain
covering most of one wall
and part of the ceiling.
“See this here? This is anger.
It has been growing large and darker lately.”

He points out other stains,
some growing,
some shrinking and dissipating.
He is still holding me close.

Then he turns and looks at me, and
with sparkling eyes and
passionate movements
he tells me his decorating plans.

“I’m going to remove this stain,
put in some carpet, a fireplace,
a big comfy couch,
and pictures on the walls.”

He tells me his dream for this room.
I cry and he holds me close.


artist unknown

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