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Wild Goose 2
by Alison Hoffman

Life Together?

This is a blog about life together with Life-Together.  By “Life-Together” I refer to God in his Trinitarian existence.  God, as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, is perfect love and perfect community.  He needs nothing from us, for he is completely complete, wholly whole, in and of himself.  Thus, he is not simply Life; he is Life-Together.  Yet although he exists as Relationship, he desires to share relationship with his creation.

By “life together” I mean you and me.  We are called to journey along the path of Christ, in Christ, with Christ, and to Christ.  This may be a narrow path, full of valleys and mountain tops, deserts and pastures, and it may at times feel like a lonely path, but it is not a solitary path.  Never are we called to follow the way of Jesus as Lone Rangers.  Lone Ranger Christians do not grow, mature, or reflect the heart of the Gospel.  We are called to live life in Christ, together.

Thus life together (you and me and creation in relationship) with Life-Together (God, who is perfect Relationship).

Wild Goose?

As for the whole bird thing, the wild goose was a Celtic symbol used for the Holy Spirit.  When we think of Holy Spirit and bird, usually (and understandably) the dove comes to mind.  But the Celts had something going with the wild goose symbol.  Wild geese are…wild.  They are undomesticated, uncontrolled, noisy, at times ferocious, and do not like being captured or even contained.  Sounds like the Holy Spirit.  They are also communal creatures, but their community on the ground is anything but clean and perfect.  However, the way they work together when flying in the V-formation is a thing of beauty and mystery, and it  helps them to go farther than they ever could as a solo flyer.  Sounds like the church.

You and Me

So this blog is simply about life in Christ.  You’ll come across spiritual formation, theology, frustration, celebration, rumination, pondering, art, beauty, thinking, loving, and doing.  It’s not really meant to be anything to anyone, it’s simply a quest to love, desire, follow, and enjoy life with God as he works in me to lead me (or drag me kicking and screaming) to still waters where he can restore my soul and transform my stubborn “me-ness.”

Whether you agree or disagree, follow Christ or don’t, you are welcome here.  Please feel free to leave a comment, share your thoughts, or introduce me to what’s important to you.  After all, we are all in life together.  We might as well share some of our experiences.


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