The Room

My mind descends into my heart and there I meet God. I walk into the room of my heart and it is completely bare except for a wooden chair in the middle of the floor. God is in the chair, and when he sees me walk in, he stands up and greets me with a … More The Room

The Carnival

My mind is crowded. Every thought, influence, and to-do vies for my attention like carnival hawkers seducing me to come to their booth and spend my time.      God patiently sits and waits      for the quietness of my soul.      He does not hawk cheap wares      or fast entertainment. The emptier something is, the more devoid of … More The Carnival

A Garden Enclosed

I am a garden enclosed, a locked garden. Be beautiful, O beautiful flowers, resplendent colours who smell like angels. Sprout thick, you vegetables with meaty nourishment. Weeds, you may propagate (but don’t enlarge your borders), for you teach me humility. Grow, O tree of life, root deep into the earth of my soul. Jesus, you … More A Garden Enclosed

One Cannot Study God

One cannot “study” God,      only know him. The finite human mind      is not an adequate instrument For knowing the infinite Spirit. We must know God through something      that is itself infinite; Through something      that transcends the finite mind. Love