Table of Contents

Most categories are self-explanatory.  However the different series offered on Wild Goose Writings bear introduction.


The Holy Mundane
As a pastor of a small village church, I send a weekly email to our community, sharing with them the upcoming events.  At the beginning of each email I include a short devotional based on the mundane events of my life and the spiritual truths toward which they point me.  These devotionals began to generate feedback, and people requested I share them.

So here they are.  Simple, weekly devotionals, without editing.  Some were written a year or two previously, and may not coincide with the church season in which they are published now.

Walking in Partnership with God (Philippians)
An 8-day devotional series written by Nick Osborne and Jamie Osborne based on Philippians 2:12-13.  It includes prayers, worship links, thoughts for the day.


“So What?” Series
This is a series based on the impact of good theology.  Here’s the things about theology: it’s meant to change our heart and change the way we live.  We hear a theological truth and then ask, “So what? What does that mean for me, today?”  Hence this series – a practical look at why certain doctrines are important to the way we live out our faith in Jesus.


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